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Helping you live better in your home.

Enhancing the Lives of NDIS Participants in Adelaide and Regional South Australia.

Community Nursing Services
Housing & Accommodation
Domestic and Household Chores
Daily Living Activities-ADLs
Assistance with Travel / Transport
Gaval Community Services Health care assistant giving support to an NDIS participants


GAVAL Community Services

GAVAL Community Services delivers high-quality health and home care to NDIS participants. Our organization provides exceptional health and home care support to NDIS participants across both metropolitan and regional areas of South Australia. We recognize the challenges that NDIS participants encounter and are dedicated to enhancing the overall quality of life within our community through our range of services.

Explore GAVAL's specialised services for NDIS participants.

A nurse olding hands with and NDIS participants at Gaval Community Services

GAVAL's community nurses are specialised in providing care, health education, and support for caregivers to individuals with disabilities. They promote health, wellbeing, and quality of life, ensuring health requirements are met, issues are detected early, and caregivers are supported.

Short Term Accommodation at Gaval Community Services; A complex building in Adelaide, South Australia

GAVAL provides short-term accommodation services to assist carers in taking care of their loved ones by offering supported independent living, medium-term accommodation, and customised tenancy services. These services allow carers to take a break and recharge.

Household Chore at Gaval Community Services; a yellow hand glove cleaning a cooker surface

GAVAL offers Personal Assistant services to handle household tasks, including cleaning, meal preparation, and yard maintenance, among others. They are dedicated to ensuring that homes are well-kept and in good hands.


Our staff provides support to clients during and after hospitalization.

Services offered include daily house cleaning, wound care and education, catheterisation, medication management, chronic disease management, PEG and NGT care, cleaning, washing, ironing, meal preparation, and personal hygiene.

Positive Feedback received from our NDIS users recovered patients

Most of our customers get relief after their first session, and recover completely after finishing the program.

“GAVAL's nursing care and health education services simply blew me away! The crew went all out to ensure I was well-informed and taking great care of myself. These health heroes are on a mission to spread wellness, and their passion for helping others shines bright like a diamond! Hat's off to these amazing folks!”

Ava. K

Adelaide, South Australia

"Exceptional respite care services! GAVAL, with caring staff like Olivia and Daniel, provides a welcoming and safe environment for short-term stays. The team's commitment to ensuring both physical and emotional well-being is evident, making it easier for families like mine to take a much-needed break."

Positive Feedback received from our NDIS users recovered patients

Cooper. S

Adelaide, South Australia

"GAVAL is a lifesaver! I can't even begin to put into words how grateful I am for their help with domestic tasks. They handle all the nitty-gritty details, giving me the freedom to focus on what matters. Plus, their team is a ray of sunshine - always upbeat and incredibly detail-oriented. Every interaction feels like a breath of fresh air!"

Positive Feedback received from our NDIS users recovered patients

Ethan. G

Adelaide, South Australia

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You have control over how the support services are given to you and which service providers you use.

Office: 75A Commercial Road, Port Adelaide, 5015 

Tel: 0882460521 

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