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Community Nursing Care Services

Community nursing is important to people living with disabilities for several reasons:

Specialized Care Icon; GAVAL Community Services

Specialized Care

Community nurses are trained to provide specialized care tailored to the specific needs of individuals with disabilities, ensuring that their unique health requirements are met.

Health Monitoring at GAVAL Community Services

Health Monitoring

Regular visits from community nurses allow for ongoing health monitoring, early detection of health issues, and timely intervention to prevent complications.

Medication Management At GAVAL Community Services

Medication Management

Community nurses can assist with medication management, ensuring that individuals with disabilities receive their medications as prescribed and understand their treatment plans.

At GAVAL Community Services

Wound Care

Individuals with disabilities may have an increased risk of pressure ulcers and other skin issues, making specialized wound care and prevention crucial.

Health Education At GAVAL Community Services

Health Education

Community nurses can provide education on health and self-care practices, empowering individuals with disabilities to take an active role in managing their health.

Support for Caregivers At GAVAL Community Services

Support for Caregivers

Community nursing can also provide valuable support and respite for caregivers, reducing their burden and ensuring the overall wellbeing of both the individual with a disability and their caregivers.

Are you an NDIS participant needing Nursing Care?

Gaval Community Services offers health and homecare services to improve the quality of life for NDIS participants in South Australia. At GAVAL we aim to provide better choices and control over your health care needs.


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